Programme Officer: National Advocacy Engagement


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ILGA World seeks a Programme Officer: National Advocacy Engagement

Start of the position: June 2022

Deadline for applications: Friday, 8 April 2022 – 1 PM (Central European Time)

NEW DEADLINE: Monday, 18th of April 2022, 1PM CET

Who can apply?
Anyone with dedication to and experience regarding human rights of persons of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics who meets the requirements set out below is welcome to apply.

The position
ILGA World seeks a Programme Officer to join our United Nations Team to support our members and other local LGBTI groups engaging with UN human rights mechanisms and organising national activities aimed at follow-up on and implementation of UN SOGIESC recommendations.

ILGA World’s advocacy and policy work in these contexts is highly collaborative with our members and LGBTI human rights defenders from a national level and seeks to connect national level activists and global level UN human rights mechanisms. The successful candidate will have to be able to navigate multicultural environments, different sectors of civil society, and UN spaces alike.

The Programme Officer will work in close collaboration with other members of ILGA World’s UN team focussing on certain human rights mechanisms, such as UN treaty bodies, special procedures, Universal Periodic Review and Sustainable Development Goals. The Programme Officer will be a focal point for other UN Team members on local contacts for UN advocacy opportunities.

The Programme Officer will also collaborate closely with other international NGOs working on SOGIESC human rights advocacy and activists on national level – providing technical and other assistance to them in the context of UN mechanisms.

The Programme Officer report to the Manager of the UN Programme.

The ideal candidate will start working on 1 June 2022.


Important Please read the Responsibilities, Performance of duties and remuneration and benefits, Requirements and Highly desired qualities sections below and then fill out the application form.

The application should be completed in English. Interviews will also be conducted in English (though other declared language skills may be tested).

We recommend preparing your answers in advance before you start filling the below form out. In order to prevent the form session expiring and you losing your work, we suggest downloading this form in a Word document format and filling it out offline (especially open-ended questions) and then coming back to the below form and pasting the answers. DO NOT send your application form in a Word document format, as it will not be evaluated this way.

Should there be well found reasons why this was not possible, you may submit the application form as well by e-mail to [email protected].
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  • 8 March 2022 - Call for candidates
  • 8 April 2022, 1:00 pm CET NEW DEADLINE: 18 April 2022, 1:00 pm CET - Deadline for applications
  • 2 May 2022 - Shortlisted candidates for second stage (written task) notified of results
  • 2-9 May 2022 - Skills exercise is sent to shortlisted candidates with a 7-day deadline to complete
  • 13 May 2022 - Shortlisted candidates for the third stage (interview) notified of results
  • Week of 16-20 May 2022 - Interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • Week of 23-27 May 2022 - Offer is made
  • 1 June 2022 - Successful candidate takes up position

Please direct any question to [email protected].

Job description
Please include a country code e.g. 0041 and do not use any signs (+, -) or spaces.
It is not necessary to speak English as your first language in order to be hired, but a high standard of verbal and written accuracy and comprehension is required.
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Voluntary work with Civil Society
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Open-ended questions
What are your reasons for applying for this post and what will you bring to it? How your profile matches the requirements and highly desirable qualities for the position? (max. 500 words)?
  • The following 4 questions ask you about your knowledge and experience that we consider are needed for the position.
  • As your responses to these questions will be used to help assess your application, please take some time to think about your answers and present them in the format set out below. For each question, please provide an example that focuses on your own involvement in the task and tell us how you went about the task.
  • Please do not simply list the tasks you have undertaken, as this does not tell us about your competencies in completing the task. Try to use a different example for each question, as a spread of responses gives us the most complete picture of you.
  • Please check the word limits for each question.
ILGA World values the diversity of all people and their communities across the globe. This positively influences how International NGOs and spaces better-reflect our world. While persons working for international NGOs or for UN institutions regularly come from a diverse range of geographical places, this in itself is not the full picture of diversity. At ILGA World we also seek to empower voices from communities that are marginalised or excluded. If your experience in life is one that brings different experiences of diversity and/or exclusion and/or marginalisation, please share how you would bring this perspective to the position. (max 200 words).
The successful candidate for this position will have at least two-year experience in advocacy and/or policy work on local or national levels, including experience with human rights monitoring, reporting and/or investigation. This position will involve a lot of tasks related to supporting local LGBTI groups in their own advocacy and policy projects. Please explain what type of policy and advocacy work, human rights monitoring, reporting or investigation you have done. Describe one example of such work of which you are proud. If possible, provide a link to one human rights report that you wrote or contributed to. (max. 300 words)
The successful candidate for this position will have good knowledge of UN human rights mechanisms and NGO opportunities within them. Ideally, they will also have some experience of engaging with UN human rights mechanisms, preferably on behalf of local human rights groups, and some experience with activities aimed at follow-up on and implementation of international human rights recommendations. Please describe what is your level of knowledge of UN human rights mechanisms and related NGO opportunities, and how you have acquired it. Please also explain how you have gained experience with UN mechanisms and/or implementation of international human rights recommendations and describe one example of a project or activity you have implemented. (max. 300 words)
This position will involve communications and cooperation with multiple local groups working on LGBTI human rights in different countries and regions. The successful candidate is somebody who is competent in working with such partners, building, maintaining and nurturing key relationships. Please provide an example that illustrates your ability to work in partnerships with different groups representing different communities and cultures. What do you think is key to build successful relations in such circumstances? (max 200 words).
Additional Information
Please add information that is not included in the previous answers but that you think may be useful in explaining how you meet the requirements of this position. Please provide your answer here (max. 150 words).
Please provide two referees. If you have not been employed, an academic referee would be an appropriate alternative. Referees will not be contacted prior to interview.
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